The 8 Types of Gym Rats

Last night at the gym, I started to really check out the “regulars.” I’ve been going to my gym for over a month now. I’ve noticed a lot of interesting personalities and I just have to share my findings.


The 8 Types of Gym Rats:

The “Trainer”: This is the quintessional trainer that’s constantly in the gym training their clients. I’ve seen the same guy in my gym nearly everyday training all sorts of people – women, beefsticks (the beefy guy, of course) and older gentlemen. He always makes me a little nervous because he’s usually checking out everyone else’s forms and workout regimen.

The “Looker”: This type of person is the wannabe. They want to be bigger, faster, stronger, but they don’t ever commit. They envy. They walk on the treadmill glaring at your screen watching you burn all the calories. They usually attempt to do what you’re doing, but in the end they usually hop off in the hopes of grabbing some McDonalds on the way home.

The “Crop Duster”: This one I’m new to. Here’s the scenerio: A “Looker” gets on the treadmill next to me. I’m running along and he’s just casually walking. A few minutes later, he quickly jumps off as I get a nice wiff of the gas he just passed. Yes, he crop dusted the area and the smell wafted in my direction. I know this happens to more than just me.

The “Competitor”: This is the typical race scenerio. Two people hop on treadmills/ellipticals side by side. It’s go time. As soon as their off and running, it’s racing time. They’re silently compeiting to see who will go the farthest. It’s Darwinism at it’s finiest. Natural selection. Only the strong survive. Okay, the strong get the bragging rights for the day.

The “Badass”: This is the person everyone wants to be. The person that’s strong and fit. The person that’s owning the gym. They confidently walk around from equipment to treadmill to weights. I must say I’ve got a little bit of this in me. Okay, I’m joking.

The “Body Builder”: This guy is consistently by the weight equipment in front of the mirror. He’s the quintessential beef-myster, mirror hog, beef cake. He thinks he knows everything there is to know about staying fit. He’ll talk to the “Trainer” about other people’s ”form” while he’s doing crunches on the floor with a 50 pound weight. True story.

The “Lady’s Man”: This guy can walk into the room and nearly everyone will turn and look for where that nasty pefume cologne is coming from. He’s the one primping before heading to the gym. He’s usually in some kind of designer workout outfit. He may be fit, but I’m sure that’s caused by how much he loves himself. He’s the other form of the “Body Builder.”

The “Peppy”: This is the chick that’s seriously awesome. She’s always hyper and always smiling. She walks in with gusto and loves to sweat it out. This personality is mirrored off of my Zumba teacher. Sorry, I’m not sorry, but she’s awesome. If everyone had a little more pep at the gym, more people would actually go to the gym. Sometimes the hum drum needs to be mixed up with people like the “Peppy.”

Now, who am I missing? What personalities have you seen in the gym lately?

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